This is how you get an appointment
Step by Step

This way you get an appointment quickly

We would like to help you to organize your therapy

1. To be clarified in advance.

In the case of injury, disability or illness a doctor’s prescription is necessary according to German regulations. To assist you in this matter we are able to arrange a doctor's appointment for you. This service is also available in form of telemedicine. No doctor's prescription is needed, if the therapy sessions are given in form of a prevention training. 


2. Let us know your request.

Please provide the information on your location, your condition, your preferred treatment dates and your contact details by phone or email.

3. We select a suitable therapist.

We will immediately contact all available therapists who fit your needs and will contact you with suggestions for a suitable appointment.

4. Book your appointment.

We will send you a link with an invoice by email. You can book the treatment session bindingly and pay online by credit card or PayPal.

5. Start the treatment.

Your therapist will now arrive at the agreed time and place. You can decide if follow-up appointments are needed and discuss it directly with the therapist. We wish you a quick recovery!!!

Do you have more questions?

Write us. Call us. Or have us call you back.
We are there for you.